deliver and economical energy production system

Tesla Gardens

Energy Neutral Agriculture

Tesla Gardens has developed virtually energy neutral greenhouse system that uses proprietary Digital Lighting Technology (DLT) spectrum, unique battery backup system coupled with an environmentally sound technologies such as an integrated photovoltaic (GIPV) system for the commercial agriculture industry.


design multi residential properties

Tesla Life

Real Estate

Tesla Life was created to design, sell and manage multi residential properties within designated destinations and communities around the world. Tesla’s Life unique platform enables prospective clients to own real estate without headaches and hustle in any of the jurisdictions where Tesla Life conducts its business.


research & development
of medication

Tesla Health

Technology, Research & Development

Tesla Health owns and commercializes unique IP and technologies in the medical space. In particular it is developing its own pharmaceutical device for delivery of medication, vitamins and general wellness designed for US and Canadian markets.


adaptable lighting spectrums

Tesla Energy

Human Centric Lighting

At Tesla Energy we believe in Holism. We offer adaptable lighting spectrums called Human Centric Lighting (HCL). The HCL is a concept describing the connection between, lighting, health, and wellbeing. Naturally, throughout the day, the light emitted from the sun changes.


global project

Tesla Bank

Private Equity Capital

Tesla Bank was first envisioned to fill the gap between the need for capital and projects in the markets where traditional banks would not invest for many reasons. Tesla Bank is focused on real estate, hospitality and manufacturing.


saving the world
and environment

Tesla Genomics

Advance through Science

Tesla Genomics is a biotechnology company specializing in the production of commercial agriculture that has been genetically enhanced utilizing Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats (CRISPR), type genome editing technologies.



Tesla Capital can develop plans to monetize assets, create an initial public offering, engineer and manage reverse takeovers, advise on marketing strategies, get advances on standby letters of credit, assist in raising capital through private placements or other investment vehicles.


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